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Education Department

Registration for School Recognition


How to apply






The Inspection Report by the field officers

Up to date report prepared by ZEO concerned with recommendation.




Jamabandi/Patta of the land on which the School is located (up to date)

Proposed school land to be registered in school name; Category of land should be Homestead (and not paddy field); Orders etc. for newly converted from Paddy field category to Homestead lands. For school in hills, DC or SDO etc.

should certify land ownership of the school land.




Photographs of the School with Students

Building(s); Campus; Fire extinguishing equipment; Drinking water facilities;

Toilets for boys, girls and staff; Class Room; Playground; Science Labs; Library; Teaching Staff; etc.


Self declaration Form-I of RTE to be filled-in and signed

by ZEO

Up to date






Building Safety Certificate (up to date)

Safety Certificate to be issued by an Engineer not less than an Executive Engineer of PWD/ Education Engineering Wing that the building(s) is/are built following the National Building Code of India, 2005 guidelines with all safety precautionary measures like installation of adequate fire extinguishing

equipment, EXIT & ENTRY marked clearly with no objects obstructing the ENTRY & EXITs etc.


Fire Safety Certificate (up to date)

Certificate to be issued by Director, Manipur Fire Service.


School infra-structure and Training Learning materials

Should be reflected in the inspection report.


Strength of Students for each class in the school

Pupil Teacher ratio must be checked as per RTE.


Strength of the teaching and Non-Teaching staff (as per relevant Rules)

Date of appointment should be clearly mentioned; Trained (B.Ed/ D.El.Ed./TET) certificated should be verified by ZEO along with Educational certificates.

Class assigned to a particular teacher should be mentioned.




Whether the teachers posses the minimum qualifications as per NCTE Norms?

Educational certificates of the teaching staff; Teachers should be trained (i.e.,

B.Ed for Graduate Teachers & Upper Primary Teachers/ 2 Year D.El.Ed for Primary; TET mandatory upto class VIII.


Composition of the School Management Development

Committee as per RTE Norms.


As per RTE Act/Rule


Certificate of Registration of the Society/Trust running the School

Verified by ZEO.





ZEO’s recommendation letter (not only forwarding of Inspection report)

as per RTE Act-Section 18, 19; RTE “Schedule”- Norms and Standards; NCTE norms for teachers’ qualification (2010,2011,2014,2017) & Manipur Non-Govt. Schools & colleges Recognition Rules, 1975 should be clearly mentioned.

Distance of the schools (real need) should be checked.


Verified documents

All the above necessary documents should be verified by ZEO. (no photostat copy)




Professional Tax

Enclose proof of payment of Professional Tax at the time of submitting proposal for Upgradation of school, renewal of recognition etc.

All schools to submit proof of payment of Professional tax periodically.


  1. Certified that the school has also submitted information in this data capture format of District Information System of Education with this application.
  2. Certified that the school is open to inspection by any Officer authorized by the appropriate authority.
  3. Certified that the school undertakes to furnish such reports and information as may be required by the District School Education Officer from time to time and complies with such instructions of the appropriate authority or the District School Education Officer as may be issued to secure the continues fulfilment of the condition of recognition or the removal of deficiencies in working of the
  4. Certified that records of the school pertinent to the implementation of the Act shall be open to inspection by any officer authorized by the District School Education Officer or appropriate authority at any time, and the school shall furnish all such information as may be necessary to enable the Central and/ or State Government/ Local Body or the Administration to discharge its or his obligations to Parliament/ Legislative Assembly of the State/ Panchayat/Municipal Corporation as the case may

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